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Dr. Luiz-Eduardo Del-Bem

Professor of Plant Evolutionary Genomics
Department of Botany
ICB (Institute of Biological Sciences)
UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
Belo Horizonte-MG
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Master’s Students

Ramon Oliveira
Evolution and functional genomics of plant GT47 gene family. The project is focused on understanding the functional diversification of GT47 associated with the emergence of terrestrial charophytes that eventually gave rise to land plants.
Program: MSc in Bioinformatics (UFMG)
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Wenderson Rodrigues
The origins of land plants genetic toolkit. The project aims to establish the origin of land plant’s conserved genes, focusing on genetic mechanisms that emerged before the origin of land plants and might be associated with colonization of land by early streptophytes.
Program: MSc in Bioinformatics (UFMG)
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Ingridy Moura
Project: Unraveling the evolutionary history and phylogenetic relationships in the fern genera Amauropelta (Thelypteridaceae). The project aims to elucidate the phylogenetic relations between Amauropelta species and reconstruct the biogeographic history of the genera using sequence data.
Program: MSc in Plant Biology (UFMG)
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PhD Students

Breno Lisboa
Metagenomics of terrestrial communities of microalgae. The project aims to understand the species composition and gene repertoire of terrestrial communities of microalgae and the interacting taxon. The main idea is to use those communities as models to understand the early colonization of land environments by photosynthetic microorganisms in the context of Del-Bem’s Theory of the Microforest.
Program: PhD in Bioinformatics (UFMG)
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Co-supervised students

Alison Menezes
Project: Unraveling protein domains associated with the emergence of the vascular system in plants. The project investigate protein domains over-represented in copy number in genomes of tracheophytes that might be associated with the evolution of vascular system in land plants. Mutagenesis in the non-vascular liverwort Marchantia polymorpha will be used to uncover new functions in plant biology that might be associated with the origin of the vascular system.
Advisor: Francisco Lobo (ICB-UFMG)
Co-advisor:  Luiz-Eduardo Del-Bem
Program: PhD in Genetics (UFMG)
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Beatriz Moura
 Plant secondary compounds involved in plant-animal co-evolution. This project studies the evolution of biosynthetic pathways of plant secondary compounds. We intent to understand how molecules used by plants to interact with animals (e.g. pollinators chemical attraction) emerged and how their evolution relate to animal macroevolutionary patterns.
Advisor: Miguel Ortega (ICB-UFMG)
Co-advisor: Luiz-Eduardo Del-Bem
Program: PhD in Bioinformatics (UFMG)
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